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eSobi is an application for your desktop that's built to show you recent news according to your interests, all from a single interface that acts as central hub for all your new content.

The news items, collected from hundreds of different websites such as El País, Engadget, El Mundo, and 20 Minutos, are perfectly organized on the left side of the interface into categories like cinema, sports, finance, and technology. Just click on a folder to view all the related news.

In another tab, you can access the podcasts section, where you can download and listen to any radio program you like with just a click.

Finally, there's the tab browser, from which you can visit any website without leaving the application.

eSobi is an excellent tool for staying on top of the latest news. Thanks to this application, you'll never miss another interesting headline again.

An 89-day trial.

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